Beijing Foreign Studies University was first established as a leading foreign language university but has developed into a top tier university with over 14 schools including a law school.  Today, it has become a magnet for international students as it has an excellent reputation in China and internationally.




The Beijing Foreign Studies University was established in 1941 as China’s first institution specializing in foreign language studies. Since its establishment, BFSU has become one of the key universities directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education. and it is the top foreign language and international studies university in China earning the name “the cradle of diplomats” for China.   Since establishment


Law School

about3_pic3Located in the capital city of Beijing, there is no better place to study Chinese law and international commercial transactions.  The School of Law has earned a place of excellence at BFSU. The School of Law has rapidly developed into one of the top law schools in China.  BFSU School of Law requires its law students to not only undergo a rigorous curriculum studying substantive law as they are also required to major in the English language.  By blending traditional teaching methods and innovation, BFSU School of Law educates students to become highly skilled and effective lawyers.

Today, the BFSU School of Law has a LLB law program, a LLM program for Chinese graduates and a LLM Program in Chinese Business and Commercial Law for foreign lawyers and graduates.

Mission of the Law School

The Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Law seeks to educate and equip its students with the legal skills and high ethical values to become not only excellent lawyers but also model citizens in today’s local and global communities.

about3_pic4The law school seeks to instill excellence in its students, tomorrow’s lawyers.  Excellent lawyers must come from an excellent foundation provided by the law school. In today’s rapidly changing local and global communities, our law graduates must be prepared early on to adapt, improvise and overcome the many challenges faced in the real world.  The law school strives to provide an intellectual and ethical framework to its law students to handle these challenges.



Global Community and Diversity

The Beijing Foreign Studies University is one  of the most global and diverse universities in China

The Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Law strives to provide a global community for its LLM students to engage with its Chinese law students  as well as with other international students studying here.   The law students from China all speak English as their curriculum requires completion of a dual major in law and English language. Aside from the academics, the opportunity for international LLM students to interact, share culture and exchange ideas on legal issues provides valuable lessons at adapting to today’s global community.

The Beijing Foreign Studies University has over 1,000 international students, making this place a unique global community of its own.